Portis Marriage and Children Counseling Clinic

5801 Washington Avenue, Suite. 110

Racine, WI 53406

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Portis Marriage and Children Counseling Clinic is a private outpatient facility offering comprehensive mental health treatment services. The purpose of the clinic is to provide the highest quality services, which are tailored to the specific needs and situations of clients, and which are useful in managing clients; identified concerns. The clinic’s goal is to enhance the personal adjustment and functioning of the individuals, couples, and families who come to the clinic for assistance. The clinic offers rapid responses to treatment requests, 24-hour emergency assistance, weekends, and evening appointments.


The professional staff of Portis Marriage and Children Counseling Clinic is licensed and certified to practice in the state of Wisconsin. They have practiced in the Racine and greater southeastern Wisconsin is for a number of years. They represent the disciplines of social work, children therapy, marriage and family therapy.


Areas of Expertise


Family life issues

Post traumatic stress disorder

Mood disorders (Anxiety and Depression)

Panic attacks and phobias

Eating disorders

Grief issues

Special problems of adolescents and children

Physical abuse and sexual abuse/incest

Women’s men’s issues

Sexual concerns

Alcohol and drug issues

EAP services



Staff at the Clinic


Donald M. Jacobson, M.D., M.A., C.A.G.O

 - Consulting psychiatrist


Dr. Jacobson has over 30 year in Psychiatry and

Medicine.  He lecture and teacher on various

topics of psychiatry and psychotherapy.  He is

fluent in German and Russian. 

Alice Portis-Patterson, MSW, CPC, LPC


Mrs. Portis- Patterson has over 26 years of experience in the field. She works with children, adolescents, and adult survivors of abuse and other trauma. She has extensive training and specialized training in the treatment of individuals who have experienced physical or sexual abuse. Other areas of

expertise treatment of depression, anxiety,

divorce issues, marital and family therapy.


Lester Higgenbottom, LCSW, CADC III


Mr. Higgenbottom has 30 years of progressive responsibilities in mental health and alcohol and drug counseling. His areas of special expertise include trauma counseling, alcohol and drug therapy, anger management, family issues and stress disorders.


Gina Cerminara, MA, LPC


Ms. Cerminara has over 20 years of experience in social work and counseling. Her areas of expertise include trauma counseling, grief and loss, aging adults counseling, women’s issues, stress, anxiety, and depression disorders.


April Wight, MSW, LCSW


Ms. Wight has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 6 years. Her areas of expertise are crisis intervention, parent-child counseling issues, counseling with wives of men in the military, divorce counseling, anxiety, family therapy, and depression.